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Italian Bruschetta - 100 g. bread spice mix

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Focaccia Italiano - La Dolce Vita also for couscous, bulgur salad, or quinoa. A taste experience

With Bruschetta Arabiatta and its genuine Italian aroma, your bread will now also convince in culinary terms! Our tender, fine, fragrant-sweetish, slightly piquant mixture of dried tomatoes, a variety of ideas of Mediterranean influences convince you.

With tomato flakes from Tunisia, dried oregano and basil from Italy as well as Indian chili, your taste buds will be delighted!

Our mixture of spices can be used in many ways. Not only for bread baking mixes, but also for rice pizza and couscous, but also for fish, poultry and lamb it develops its great taste.

Just try it once as an aromatic spicy addition to pasta. You will be surprised how universally you can use this spice mixture.

Safety delivery within 24 hours

Sustainable, regional German cultivation

Laboratory tested nutritional values with certificate

Gluten and GMO-free ingredients

Yes, that is possible. By eliminating the yeast, in a bread baking machine, the bread is able to float. Please do not forget the appropriate temperature (for oven or gas cooker with approx. 160° C, about 70 to 75 minutes) in your machine to set

definitely Yes. You convert easy to use compared to the upper under heat as follows: Just 20 degrees, pull it off and a little more water (about 5%) take. That is to say, 170 degrees top and bottom heat 150 degrees correspond to convection.

you get with a seed mix, and 150 ml of water, 50 ml of vegetable oil, optional and 200 - 250 g of cottage cheese, a dough mass of 650 gr. After baking a ready-to-550 g. of protein bread, this results in the taking into account of drying loss.

Of course, this is possible, simply use vegan yoghurt or almond or soy cheese

We definitely recommend the normal program, as well as more grain in your bread machine select the bread works best.

It does not contain any allergens, traces of nuts or almonds in the product, we use only gluten-free ingredients such as seeds.

You can freeze the bread very well. We recommend it in a kitchen towel to wrap around it to thaw then. It then prevents the it does not get moldy.

In 100g. our laboratory-tested baking mix 297 Kcal. Calories, as well as 4g. Carbohydrates contain. By the addition of vegetable oil or curd, increases the proportion of carbohydrates to 2g. By the baking (about 90% water content in the curd) you can pull these carbs again