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May 18, 2020 3 min read 1 Comment

The you need to about bread know that if you want long-term slimming.

1. The amount is crucial

"Generally speaking, too many carbs are in Central Europe, on the dining plan", explain to us nutritional medicine. "This is culturally – wheat could be grown, and the bread was before the invention of the refrigerator is simply a longer shelf life than fresh food."

limit rates, therefore, carbohydrates in General. "Vegetables is the first choice. Too many empty-chain carbohydrates increase permanently the level of insulin.

According to the current state of research makes Insulin thick and not as long propagated the fat that we lubricate, for example, with the Butter on the bread.“The Snack should not be too lush and healthy proteins and fats combined.

a Healthy diet with bread - not whole grain!

whole grain bread is only healthy if you chew properly. The grains act in the intestines, such as a grater, Hardly anyone chews full of grain, until the grains are so finely ground as flour.

The advice of nutritional experts is therefore Better to use a seed flour bread to buy, to be processed in the seeds already flour were, however, all of the ingredients of the full seeds are still included. Wheat flour is a thick-maker is against it, because it is processed in the intestines very quickly to sugar drives the blood sugar level and is thus likely to be very unhealthy.

Itself is get baking in any case better than buy

Many people are now by bread digestive complaints. Long as the Gluten contained it is considered "the malefactor". The trigger is not bread or Gluten in General, but the production of the industrial.

to save time, the bread not so long go. As a result, it still contains the so-called fermentable Oligo-, Di -, and monosaccharides and polyols, in short, FODMAPs. This type of sugar, many people react in the case of digestion with flatulence.

When buying a Seed Mix of Nutringo®, you can be reassured. Our baking mixes are free of Fodmaps, a dough rest is not required.

gold linen and flax flour is best, spelt, and wheat contains Gluten

triggers for allergies and intolerances, in addition to the FODMAPs, the ATIs, the industry of wheat today contains. These are plant proteins, which have been increasingly grown in the wheat, so that he is of Predators avoided, and so less fertilizer needs to be used.

The disadvantage is that The ATIs trigger in many people, inflammation in the gut. Most people do not need to avoid Gluten, but only on bread made from conventional wheat. "Seeds, Mix breads are a good Alternative," say leading nutritional experts.

waiver of Butter - don't take the Butter from the bread

fat take makes basically no fat. This Thesis is in the nutritional medicine has long been considered obsolete. Many of the studies were paid for by the sugar lobby – and suggested that reduced-fat foods are healthy. However, the opposite is the case.“

the Butter is now rehabilitated. Butyric acid is very good for the colon, certain bacteria feed on. You, in turn, form the skin of the intestinal mucosa and improve the health of the digestive organ.“

Extra tip: enjoy Our seed Mix Protein with a vegetable spread and a little Butter. The is pleased to the intestines, fills you up and you will decreases in the long term. Be integrated in everyday life and on long-term sugar-containing food and drinks, and abstain from alcohol.

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Ute Prautzsch
Ute Prautzsch

April 20, 2021

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren!
Habe vor noch heute od.Morgen dieses interessante Brot zu backen!
Es soll rund sein laut Beschreibung auf der Packung aber abgebildet
ist eine Kastenform! Kann ich’s also auch im dafür vorgesehener Brot
Kastenform backen? Bitte um Infomail.Danke. mit frl.Gruß/ Ute Prautzsch

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