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January 31, 2020 2 min read


a couple of kilos, then on carbohydrates and sugar. But you also have to know that plays the glycemic Index of your food to have a larger role? Nutringo explains, what is behind it.
Some food is metabolized by our body more slowly, and others faster. In Parallel, reacts to our blood sugar levels out. Whole grain bread makes Him slow and long-term increase, in the case of sugar, however, it explodes.
The glycemic Index is, therefore, of how much a carbohydrate-containing food affects blood sugar levels. A high number means that the glucose from the food gets into the bloodstream very quickly and the blood sugar level rises sharply.
can vary according to the Glycemic Index of popular foods

The composition of the food and preparation, the values.

A high GI (over 70) and therefore unsuitable for diabetics and obesity patients have for example:

  • Baguette: 95
  • Cornflakes: 81
  • White Rice: 87
  • mashed potatoes: 85
  • French fries: 75
  • white bread: 73

Safe for diabetics, and thus a Lower GI, slow carbs (under 50) have:

  • Carrot: 47
  • Lenses: 30
  • Seed Bread: 25
  • Tofu: 15
  • Avocado: 10
  • Egg coffee: 0

Because you let blood sugar levels rise slowly and the insulin levels low it's called a Food with a low Glycemic Index also "Slow Carbs ".

Slow Carbs help you lose weight

In the case of high blood sugar levels the body releases much Insulin. The hormone from the pancreas transports the glucose into the cells. As our body gains energy. Excess energy, it stores as fat tissue.

foods low on the glycemic Index promise for those wanting to lose weight therefore, a few extra pounds to lose weight.Who's concept is based on the Glycemic index, hence no more on Fat and Sweets and eat a lot of fruits, vegetables and whole grain products.

High Glycemic Index is dangerous for the health

An increased blood sugar level causes damage permanently the nerves, vessels and organs. They are suspected to promote cardiovascular diseases, cancer, or Diabetes. For many, the life according to the glycemic Index means, therefore, a healthy and easy Diet.

For diabetics, the blood sugar plays a particularly large role. Because your pancreas produces too little or no Insulin. The glycemic Index Diabetes researchers therefore led in the 80s.

conclusion: Slow Carbs can help you lose weight, they work, but only if the food is low in Calories - as with any diet. One can, however, decrease with with products such as Seed Mix very well, because they provide only a few calories and because of the many protein is tired of holding.

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