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Order now our new multi usable baking mould made from sustainable lime wood from the french manufacturer Panibois. A set with 3 silicon paper for post purchase.




they contain valuable mucilage. These sources in the intestine and ensure a good saturation with no feeling of fullness.

linseeds contain potassium of these contribute to the normal function of the nervous system, muscle function, as well as to maintain a normal blood pressure.


the sustainable version of the soy bean. With up to 20% contained protein, they are an excellent source of protein for a healthy diet.

lupins contain minerals such as Calcium, potassium, Magnesium and iron, but also Vitamin A and B1.

Golden linseeds

These contain as well as their dark relatives, valuable mucilage.

This can be better absorbed by the body and digested.

gold is a rich supplier of healthy Omega-6 fatty acids and valuable gluten-free dietary fiber are flax seeds.

Pumpkin seeds

Give the bread a nutty taste and are rich in minerals such as zinc, iron and copper.

you are a healthy supplier for the essential by the body need fatty acids.

The small protein-rich seeds are not only especially tasty but also very healthy!

Safety delivery within 24 hours

Sustainable, regional German cultivation

Laboratory tested nutritional values with certificate

Gluten and GMO-free ingredients

Customer reviews

Protein bread without grain

We are so happy that now our diet is possible to do without the bread, for our whole family is a milestone. We vary now the spices well with the bread.

The diabetic bread

As a diabetic type 2 and I can enjoy now after 20 years, finally again a wonderfully flavoured bread. For that, I thank Nutringo what a revelation. We are very happy with it.

Paleo Bread No. 1

As a Paleo supporter, you have to look expensive ingredients for a bread. Here, however, I've sought out everything what I always wanted for so long. I am thrilled and can highly recommend it

baking healthy bread

I had problems with digestion after the bread from the supermarket. Now I bake for a year, this protein bread, and I'm amazed at how all ask me for the recipe.